International Journal of Taiwan Studies

International Journal of Taiwan Studies Vol 4

The first issue contains the topical section 'Ecologising Taiwan', guest edited by Andrea Bachner and David Der-wei Wang. The six articles included in the topical section are by Kyle Shernuk, Yuwen Hsiung, Darryl Sterk, Mark McConaghy, Brian Skerratt, and Carlos Rojas. The full content of the IJTS 4.1 are as follows.

IJTS 4.1 Table of Content:

  • Editorial (Ming-yeh Rawnsley) - open access

  • Introduction: Ecologising Taiwan (Andrea Bachner & David Der-wei Wang) - open access

  • The Ecology of Travel: Capitalism, Ethnicity, and the Environment in Dadelavan Ibau’s Farewell, Eagle (Kyle Shernuk)

  • Competing with Urban Verticality: Cinematic Landscapes in Seediq Bale and Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (Yuwen Hsiung)

  • Ecologising Seediq: Towards an Ecology of an Endangered Indigenous Language from Taiwan (Darryl Sterk)

  • Filaments in Time and Space: Lien Heng’s Elegant Words and the Linguistic Ecology of 1930s Taiwan (Mark McConaghy)

  • Born Orphans of the Earth: Pastoral Utopia in Contemporary Taiwanese Poetry (Brian Skerratt)

  • A Surplus of Fish: Language, Literature, and Cultural Ecologies in Ng Kim Chew’s Fiction (Carlos Rojas)

  • The Returnee as an Outsider: Reunion and Division in Wang Quan’an’s Apart Together (團圓, tuan yuan) (Phyllis Yu-ting Huang)

  • Forum: Delimiting ‘Cross-Strait Studies’: Kua’an (跨岸) vs. Liang’an (兩岸) (Gunter Schubert, Shelley Rigger, Beatrice Zani, Syaru Shirley Lin, Chih-Jou Jay Chen

  • Book Review: Carrie Poon on Urban Modernities

  • Book Review: Wei-ting Yen on Taiwan’s Social Welfare Movements

  • Book Review: Edward Vickers on Heritage, Memory and Punishment and ‘Difficult Heritage’ in Nation Building