EATS Newsletters

The Association has begun editing and publishing a twice-yearly newsletters, EATS News, since the beginning of 2013. The publication dates are 31 January and 31 July respectively. There are two formats of publications: online version and printed version. The online version of the newsletters is the primary edition. It is in PDF format and is archived by EATS Website. While EATS members will receive the newsletters via email circulation as soon as the newsletters are published online, non-members from all over the world can also download EATS News via the web links created.

The printed version of the newsletters is published after the online version becomes available. Hence the publication date of the printed version is slightly later than that of the online version. EATS members based in Taiwan can receive a free copy of the printed version of EATS News should they make a request to the Treasurer, Dr Ann Heylen. The Association also distributes the printed version of the newsletters to members at the EATS Annual Conferences.

EATS News is registered with the British Library as an official English-language publication. The designated ISSN are:

  • EATS News (Print): ISSN 2054-2038

  • EATS News (Online): ISSN 2053-6143

Each of the online versions of EATS News can be downloaded from the links below: