EATS Funding


EATS established the Small Research Grant (EATS SRG) in 2019 and renamed it to Workshop Grant in the same year. The aim of this grant is to encourage, support, and promote research projects about or related to Taiwan in the humanities and social sciences.

The winners of SRG (2019) and Workshop Grant (2019, 2020) are listed below.

Winners of 2020 Workshop Grant:

  • (2020) Allesandra Ferrer and Edward Vickers, Taiwan Studies Programme, University of Kyushu, Identity Politics in East Asian Popular Culture: Taiwan, Japan and China (EAPCA Panel, July 2020)

  • (2020) Bonny Ling, Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking, Framing Disability Rights within a Right-Based Approach to Development: Opportunities for NGOs in Taiwan for International and Domestic Advocacy

  • (2020) Elizabeth Zieton, Academia Sinica, Tense, aspect, mood and modality in Formosan languages and beyond

Winners of 2019 SRG:

  • Prof Nancy Guy, University of California, San Diego. Project title: The Expansion of "Classical Music" Performance and Education in Mid-20th Century Taiwan (transcribing audio-recorded interviews).

  • Prof Jana Rošker. University of Ljubljana. Project title: Taiwanese Philosophy and the Preservation of Confucian Tradition (organising a conference).

  • Yu-hsien Sung, PhD candidate, University of South Carolina. Project title: On the Legitimacy of Taiwanese Constitutional Court (fieldwork in Taiwan including using archives and conducting interviews).

  • Kate Costello, PhD candidate, University of Oxford. Project title: Can a Machine Translator Be a Surrealist? Towards a Posthuman Poetics (fieldwork in Taiwan including using archives and conducting interviews).

Winners of 2019 Workshop Grant:

Workshop: ‘Enlightening’ Taiwan: Communicating Knowledge as/in Social Activism in the Post-Sunflower Era

organised by Chia-Yu Liang, Doctoral Student, Department of International Relations, University of Sussex (UK)

and Po-Han Lee, Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology, University of Sussex (UK)

Workshop: Exploring the Grey Zones: Agency, Activities, and Imaginations at Contemporary Taiwan’s Borders

organised by Dr Hsiao-Chiao Chiu (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh)

and Tsung-Lun Alan Wan (PhD student, University of Edinburgh)

1. Eligibility – requirement of EATS membership for grant

Researchers who carry on research projects about or related to Taiwan are eligible to apply. It is a prerequisite to acquire EATS membership for the application for this grant. Information about EATS membership benefit can be found here. Please visit EATS website for the registration of EATS membership.

Applicants who have received EATS Library Grant, Young Scholar Award or Taiwan Studies Dissertation Award may apply for this grant, but at least two years should have elapsed since the previous grant or award. This is in order to have EATS funding to be enjoyed by a broad number of members. Current EATS Board Members are not eligible for any of these grant or award.

2. Evaluation of the Applications

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria. Disciplinary as well as inter-disciplinary applications are welcome to apply.

a. Originality, significance and contribution to Taiwan Studies

b. Feasibility of research design

c. Soundness or innovation of methodology

3. Application Procedure and Final Reports

a. Abstract (150 words)

b. Research Proposal which must include the research design and methodology (three A-4 pages, excluding bibliography/references)

c. Detailed Budget of the proposal to be listed in Euro

d. Curriculum Vitae of the research director(s), including a list of relevant publications

Document Styling is to be in Times New Roman, size twelve, 1.5 spacing, and page numbered.

4. Application Procedure and Research Report

a. Applications must be submitted by email. The deadline for submission is 1st April 2019. The results of the applications are expected to be announced around 15th June 2019. Emails are to be addressed to the following:



b. Funding will be provided in two stages

- A first instalment after the approval

- A second instalment after the submission of the research report

c. Awardees must submit a Research Report within three months following completion of funded activities. A Research Report should include:

- A narrative report including research findings, outcomes or achievements.

- A financial report including an Expense Form and all original receipts of expense related to the funded activities.

- Submissions should be sent to the above mentioned email account.

5. Acknowledgement

Due acknowledgment of the support received from EATS should be made in any publication resulting from the research (article(s), book(s), conference paper(s) or other academic publications). Publications must be notified to EATS and one copy of any book and/or journal should be sent to EATS (or, at least, an electronic version).

In case of funding awarded for conference presentation, EATS support must be acknowledged in the awardee’s presentation. The presentation slides (or other presentation aids) have to be submitted as part of the Research Report.

EATS will publicise on its website, and through EATS Newsletter, the awardees and the abstracts of their projects. Awardees are expected to contribute to EATS Newsletter after completion.