Annual Conference

Local Organiser

The 17th EATS Conference is co-organised by Dr. Lut Lams, Dr. Vanessa Frangville and Miss Coraline Jortay

Dr. Lutgard Lams is Professor of Pragmatics, Media Discourse Analysis and Intercultural Communication in the M.A. Journalism and the M.A. Multilingual Communication Programs at the Faculty of Arts of the KU Leuven Campus Brussels. She obtained her M.A. in Germanic Philology from KU Leuven, M.A. in Literary Theory from Carnegie Mellon University, and her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Antwerp. She heads the interdisciplinary Brussels Center for Chinese Discourse Studies workgroup (BCCDS). Her research interests include authoritarian discourses, political communication in China/Taiwan, framing practices in the media, European media narratives of the Chinese region, Othering in the Chinese media, the role of language in Cross-Strait relations, and ideology in the Taiwanese media and the ROC presidential discourses.

Dr. Vanessa Frangville is currently Senior Lecturer and Chair holder in Chinese studies at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium. She is also the co-director of EASt, centre for East Asian Studies at the ULB. She was previously a Lecturer in Chinese studies at the Victoria Wellington University of Wellington, New Zealand. She holds a PhD in Chinese studies from the University of Lyon 3, France, and completed two postdoctoral research projects in Taiwan and Japan. Her research deals with discourses on ethnicity and nation building in modern and contemporary China, with a special focus on cinema and “ethnic minority” film.

Miss Coraline Jortay is a F.R.S.-FNRS Research Fellow and PhD Candidate in literature at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium). Her research focuses on gender representations and practices of resistance in the works of sinophone women writers, drawing from narrative, gender studies and discourse analysis. She is also a published translator of sinophone literature into French, with a taste for poetry and short fiction. She has translated writers including Tong Wei-ger, Kan Yao-ming, Dorothy Tse, and most recently Walis Nokan (Les Sentiers des rêves, L’Asiathèque, 2018). She has published on the gendered dimensions of literary translation in Revue de sémiolinguistique des textes et discours (Volume 44, spring 2018) and on the impact of pronouns and classifiers on queer thematization in Chi Ta-wei’s The Membranes in Monde chinois – Nouvelle Asie (Volume 51, 2017).

Dr. Lutgard Lams

Dr. Vanessa Frangville

Miss Coraline Jortay