Annual Conference

Lim Pen-Yuan Foundation Panel

LPY Panel: Rethinking the history of Taiwan in the Global Hokkien context

Chair: Prof. Fu-san Huang, National Tsing Hua University

Paper Title: From Hokkien to Southeast Asian Hokkien: Case study of the Herzog August Philippine Chinese manuscript

Author: Fabio Lee (Fabio Yuchung Lee, 李毓中), National Tsing Hua University

Paper Title: Rethinking the History of Taiwan in the Southeast Asian Context: the Case of Hokkien immigrants/settlers

Author: Peter Kang (康培德), National Donghwa University

Paper Title: One Family, Five Worlds: the Southern Fujian families’ ethnic identities in East and Southeast Asia

Author: Cheng-heng Lu (盧正恒), Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Paper Title: The “Brexit” effect to Britain, Europe and to the outside world: A view from a Taiwanese-British dual national

Author: Sam Huang(黃頌民), University of Leeds