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The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) is a registered non-profit charitable organisation which is dedicated to promoting Taiwan Studies in Europe. We facilitate individual and collaborative research on Taiwan within EATS and foster links between EATS and similar organisations in other countries. We organise an annual conference in a different European city every year, publish a newsletter, EATS News, twice a year online and in print, and we bestow a Young Scholar Award (2011-present) and Library Research Grant (2014-present), and Taiwan Studies Dissertation Award (2018-present) to encourage young talent in the field. In 2019 we also establish a Small Research Grant for supporting cutting-edge research in the field. Your membership is extremely important in allowing us to work on the administration of the conferences, organisation of publications and awards, website development, research, archiving, etc., and in turn, contributing to the growth of Taiwan Studies.

EATS membership is renewed annually and is valid from 1 January to 31 December. Our online registration system is now active. There are several benefits for being an EATS member: (1) eligibility to apply for EATS Young Scholar Award, EATS Library Grant, and Small Research Grant; (2) lower rate of conference registration fee; (3) you will receive an EATS email account which will enable you to access all the previous EATS conference papers available; (4) you will have a personal profile page in EATS website if you wish; (5) you will often receive news/information about EATS and Taiwan Studies communities around the world; (6) you will receive a major discount to subscribe to the International Journal of Taiwan Studies.

If you want to become an EATS member, please click the Register button at the top of the website and follow these steps to complete your membership registration:

  1. Fill in personal information.

  2. Select membership type (non-student or student).

  3. Once submitted, you’ll receive an invoice with payment method instructions. Please make your payment accordingly.

  4. Upon receipt of your payment, you’ll receive the EATS Treasurer’s receipt and a link to a 2nd form.

  5. Fill in the additional information, which will form the basis of your online profile on EATS Website in the future.

  6. Once completed, you’ll receive a welcome message from the EATS Board.

If you wish to renew your membership, please log in using your eats-taiwan.eu email account to fill in a simplified version of the online form.

EATS Membership fee, 1 January–31 December 2022

  • Non-student member €50

  • Student member €35

We appreciate your support. Please pay your annual fee and become an EATS member.

EATS members

EATS members