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Beatrice Zani

EATS Board Member, 2018-2021

I graduated from the Institutes of Political Studies of Lyon (IEP de Lyon), completing also a MA in Asian Studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon (ENS Lyon), and I am currently a Ph.D candidate in sociology at Lyon 2 University, TRIANGLE UMR 5206 Laboratory. I am also research assistant at the International Associated Laboratory (LIA) Post-western Sociologies in Europe and in China, CNRS-ENS Lyon/CASS and teaching assistant at the Institute of Political Studies of Lyon. I am currently Short-term resident fellow at the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), Tübingen University.

My Ph.D dissertation, entitled Urban and Professional Careers of Migrant Women from China to Taiwan: Solidarity and Resistance in a Globalized Context, explores the complex link between gender, labour and migration, through the empirical case of women’s migrations in internal China and from China to Taiwan. I investigate the transnational dimension of women’s migratory careers, focusing on the creative strategies of solidarity and resistance they develop to face subalternity. For this purpose, in 2016/2017, I have been Junior Visiting Associate at the Institute of Sociology of Academia Sinica, Taipei, conducting ten months of multi-sited ethnographical work in Taiwan; I also carried on three months of fieldwork in the South of China in 2018, founded by the French School of East-Asian Studies (EFEO).

My MA dissertation about migrant working women’s labour exploitation and resistances in Chinese urban factories won the 11th Prize for Human Rights (2016) by Lyon’s League of Human Rights. I was also awarded the Christian Ricourt Prize for the Young Researcher in Taiwanese Studies by the French Association of Taiwanese Studies (AFET) in 2017.

Dr Beatrice Zani, post-doctoral fellow, McGill University.

Beatrice Zani